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What to Bring
1. You should always travel with soft bags.

2. If you are using a small plane at ANY point of the safari then DO NOT exceed 12kg (this is relevant for all internal flights other than Lusaka/Mfuwe/Livingstone, where the limit is 15kg).  Long haul checked in luggage is regularly delayed and so pack all essentials in hand luggage, including medication. 

Packing list
* Torch with spare batteries
* A hat, sunglasses, high strength sun screen, moisturiser, lip salve, strong insect repellent, anti-histamine cream and tablets should always be carried. All camps now have shampoo and body lotion.
* You will need money for the tourist visa (if not pre arranged), airport taxes and tips.  The standard currency is US Dollars. Be sure to bring notes with "large heads" - small heads are not accepted anywhere in Zambia.
* A good pair of covered shoes for walking (thick soled trainers for camp walks are adequate but light walking boots for dedicated walking safaris).
* Glasses: if you wear prescription glasses bring a spare pair, if you wear contact lenses bring a pair of glasses as well since dust can be a problem.
* Binoculars
* Camera equipment: for recharging, Zambia works on 3 square pin plugs, and camps should have an adapter. But suggest you bring one because there may be others wanting to use them. Bring a camera cleaning equipment and a good dust proof bag, a telephoto lens, flash for night photography, videos with spare batteries.
* Clothes: 3 sets bush colored safari outfits (long/shorts/shirts) ie green/brown/dark khaki (not pale fashion khaki/cream/white), 2 sets casual evening clothes (long trousers to reduce insect bites), 1 medium weight sweater (or 2 light) plus a warm jacket in winter (June/July/early Aug).





























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