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Zambia - What to See

Things to see
1. The Copperbelt Museum in Ndola, an important commercial centre and the gateway to the mineral producing region of Zambia.

2. The wildlife in the Kafue National Park, the second largest national park in the world. Noted for its beauty, the park is bisected by the Kafue River, which attracts hundreds of species of birds and offers good game fishing.

3. Kitwe, the second largest city in Zambia, having; copper, Mindolo dam and Makwera Falls.

4. The oldest copper mine in Zambia, in Luanshya.

5. Astounding Victoria Falls, on the southernmost edge of Zambia bordering Zimbabwe.

6. Livingstone, the tourist capital of Zambia has the Livingstone Museum, numerous luxury hotels, a casino, Livingstone memorabilia and anthropological exhibits, as well as the Railway Museum.

7. Attractions in Lusaka such as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the Lusaka National Museum, the Kabwata Cultural Village, the Munda Wanga Botanical Gardens and Zoo.
































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