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Sumbu National Park

The park lies on the southern shores of beautiful Lake Tanganyika, in the far north of Zambia. Lying on the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika, in the northern most tip of Zambia, Sumbu National Park covers an area of just over 2,000 sq km and encompasses 100kms of some of the most pristine shores of this vast Lake. Its beauty ranges from sandy beaches, vertical cliffs, rocky coves and natural bays to the rugged hills and deep valleys of the interior. The Lufubu River winds its way through a valley flanked by 300 meter escarpments on either side. The Park is dissected from west to east by the sizeable and perennial Lufubu River, which also demarcates the eastern boundary of the Park up to the river's discharge into Lake Tanganyika. The Nkamba and Chisala Rivers are ephemeral and smaller than the Lufubu, draining Tondwa Swamp into Nkamba and Sumbu Bays respectively, the former through an attractive valley with abundant wildlife in relation to other parts of the Park. Much of the park is covered by combretum thicket, but along the lakeshore there are many strangler figs and ‘candelabra’ trees along with the strange and interesting boulders balanced on top of one another.

Although wildlife numbers have declined, there is still a wide range of species present in the park and numbers are recovering, although sightings are not guaranteed. Roan, sable, eland, hartebeest, and buffalo are commonly seen, with zebra and occasionally elephant, lion and leopard also present. Bushbuck, warthog and puku often frequent the beaches. The rare blue duiker, a small forest antelope, is one of the Park’s specialities along with the shy swamp dwelling sitatunga. Other species seen here are the spotted hyena, side-striped jackal, serval, impala, waterbuck and reedbuck. The lake bordering on the park is teeming with crocodiles, so swimming is obviously not advisable. Hippos often emerge at night around the lodges to ‘mow’ the green grass.

Birdlife in the park is still abundant with many migrants coming down from East Africa and up from South African regions. The flamingo is one of the more spectacular migrants while some of the lakeshore inhabitants include the skimmer, spoonbill, and whiskered tern along with many different storks, ducks and herons. Commonly encountered species around the lake include the grey-headed gull, lesser black-backed gull, white-winged black tern, whiskered tern, African skimmer, and of course the ubiquitous fish eagle. The palmnut vulture and Pel's fishing owl are also occasionally seen.

1. Ndole Bay is nestled amongst lush tropical vegetation opening onto its own exclusive beach; it offers visitors a singular African experience on the shores of a unique lake.

2. Nkamba Bay Lodge is an exclusive private lodge set in a stunning location on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. It is the only lodge in Sumbu Game Park, one of the unspoilt, secluded treasures of Africa.





















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