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Sioma Ngwezi National Park

The park covers 5000 sq km, located in the south western corner of Zambia. It is surrounded by a 35,000 sq km Game Management Area. The Park is unfenced allowing free movement of the animals between the park and the GMA and allowing access to the Zambezi River. The Park and surrounding GMA form an important link in the migratory route of elephants from the bordering National Parks of Botswana and Namibia. Although heavily poached, the park does offer a better refuge for elephants migrating from Angola where poaching and illegal hunting is rampant.
The park is home to over 3000 elephants, and several endangered species including roan, sable, wild dog and cheetah. Several antelope species are present, but quite shy - mostly puku, impala, roan, sable, zebra and kudu. Due to the park’s proximity to Angola, it has suffered substantially from poaching during the civil war. However, plans are afoot to open the park to private management and hopefully the park’s wildlife will recover.

How to get there
There is a brand new road all the way from Livingstone to Sesheke and Katima Mulilo. From Mongu, there is a good tar road to Senanga and the last opportunity for fuel before Livingstone. 10 km beyond Senanga is the Mangweshi ferry which is the only viable route to Sioma and Katima Mulilo via a fairly good.

1. Mutemwa Lodge is nearby on the Zambezi River. It's owned by ex Springbok player Gavin Johnson is a beautiful lodge with good fishing opportunities.

2. Sioma River Camp is situated on the banks of the Zambezi River with good views up and downstream.

3. Sioma Bush Camp is situated southwest of the Sioma (or Ngonye) Falls in the Game Management Area and close to the north-western border of the Sioma Ngwezi National Park.




























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