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Walking Safaris

Walking safaris ensure a thrilling up close and personal experience of the bush. All walks and trails are led by qualified rangers who have had intensive specialised training. Walking safaris can be offered in the following places;

Walking Safaris in Namibia

From gentle wanders to strenuous hikes, Namibia offers walking safaris through some of Africa's most dramatic scenery like across the Namib's dunes and mountains. Exploring Namibia's wildlife on foot is a stunning experience - and there isn't the same level of danger from big game that you find in many African countries. In fact, in most areas of Namibia, the walking is really about the country's beautiful scenery, and less about the game you see.

Walking Safaris in Zambia

Walking safaris in Zambia are probably the best in the world. A clear system of guide training has enforced high guiding standards in South Luangwa National Park and Kafue National Park. Combine this with dense concentrations of wildlife, and plenty of high-quality, small safari camps and lodges, run by real bush enthusiasts and you find that Zambia has a recipe for the best walking safaris that you'll find in Africa today You can walk from Lower Zambezi and Kafue. However, the Luangwa Valley has the most comprehensive choice with virtually every camp offering highly experienced walking guides.

Walking safaris in Tanzania

For adventurous walkers, who'd like to see some of Africa's big game close up, a walking safari in Tanzania might be just the right thing. Many camps and lodges in Tanzania combine walking with fly-camping, accompanied by expert guides, and providing you with great opportunities to see big game. There are some particularly lovely hikes in the Ngorongoro Crater and Conservation Area. Tanzania's camps are increasingly combining walking with adventurous fly-camping. The best options for walking safaris are in the Selous and Katavi, whilst walking safaris in nearby Mahale involve tracking chimpanzees along hilly forest paths. In Tarangire, Oliver's Camp stands out as having guides who concentrate on walking!

Walking safaris in Botswana

The choice in Botswana has been simple for a long time, head for the specialist walking trails at Footsteps or consider Linyanti Bush Camp.
A relatively new option here is the 'walking and canoeing' trip offered on the Selinda Reserve from Selinda and Zarafa camps.

Kenya walking safaris

There are two types of walking safaris: Wilderness trails where you will be in company of a guide carrying your gear and other provisions. You can decide on more guides, scouts, porters and cooks, e.t.c
Backed up walking safari: where you will have a support staff who will set up a rolling camp basis depending on your destination and time consideration. All camps that you have ever imagined are found in Africa. You can choose between the very basic or the perhaps luxurious tented camps.

Top Kenya Walking Safari Destinations

* Crescent Island Sanctuary
* Hell’s Gate National Park
* Lake Naivasha
* Mt Longonot Volcano Walk
* Masai Mara National Reserve
* Loita Hills Trek
* Masai Village

Uganda walking safaris

Opportunities for forest walks/exploration exist in Bwindi Forest, Kibale, Busingiro or Budongo Forest, all gorilla and chimpanzee tracking trails. Those who prefer to stay close to Kampala, there are the Mabira and Mpanga forests for an ideal walking safari.

Walking safaris in South Africa
For any adventurous adult, a walking safari has to be the ultimate wildlife experience. The walking safari is a concept unique to Africa, as it is a walk in the company of a game ranger, usually armed, through big game country. There is nothing to compare with the exhilaration of walking through the bush as your ranger explains the way in which the bark of one tree may be used as a toothbrush, and the leaves of another can be distilled to make a formidable alcoholic drink.  This is primarily a way of gaining a deeper understanding of the whole ecosystem rather than a strenuous walking experience, though general fitness will add to your enjoyment. However, it is always possible to come upon a herd of buffalo or rhino, so a walking safari can be an exhilarating adventure.
Walking safaris in Malawi

The guides are among Africa's best, and their depth of knowledge about the area's natural history makes this an excellent choice for anyone keen on learning, as well as riding and hiking. In the south of Malawi you can visit Liwonde National Park and Zomba Plateau, and climb the Sapitwa Peak at Mount Mulanje. If you feel the need to cool off, the Zomba Plateau is a super destination, the plateau is almost 2000 meters above sea level and there are lovely walking areas, where you will be greeted by many birds, endemic woods, gorges, streams, lakes and waterfalls.

Walking safaris in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe, situated in the heart of southern Africa, is one of the prime safari destinations. Over the millennia, old river meanders have formed ox-bow lakes in the mineral-rich volcanic soils. These are surrounded by lush vegetation and tall, old trees – mahoganies, ebonies and particularly acacia tortilis and albidia. The undergrowth here is sparse, so it's perfect for walking safaris. The best time to visit the Lower Zambezi River Valley is during the dry season from June to November. The weather starts off warm and dry with quite cool nights, then progresses to hot and dry with warm nights by October/November.

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