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Africa's most popular trekking destination is Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the continent. Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's most popular trekking destination, and at 19,336 feet it's Africa's highest peak. The trek to the summit takes you through 5 different climatic zones. More than 20,000 people attempt the climb every year.
Mount Kenya is Africa's second highest peak and you don't need special training to reach its two main peaks - Batian (5200m) and Nelion (5188m). The mountain slopes are cloaked in forest and moorland which gives way to rock, ice and snow. Mount Kenya is a part of a larger reserve which is home to many rare species of animals. The best time to climb Mount Kenya is between January - February, and July - October.

The Drakensberg is South Africa's highest mountain range, called ‘uKhahlamba’ in Zulu meaning "barrier of spears". Its lower elevations are perfect for day hikes, horse riding, San Rock Art viewing and bird watching.

Mount Meru is Tanzania's second highest mountain standing at 4,566 metres (14,980 ft). It is often used a practice acclimatization run for its close neighbor, Mount Kilimanjaro. The trek up to the summit of this rather beautiful volcano takes 3-4 days. The route passes through ancient lush rain forests of fig trees, giving way to heather and rocky moors.  The best time to go up is August – October.

The Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon) lie just north of the Equator along the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda. Stanley peak is the highest mountain in the range, with twin summits each standing over 5,000m high making it Africa's 3rd tallest mountain. Permanent glaciers adorn the peaks.                Best time to trek is December - February and June - August.
Mount Elgon is a huge extinct volcano that straddles the border between Kenya and Uganda. There are 5 major peaks, the two highest are Wagagai (4,321m) in Uganda and Sudek (4,302m) in Kenya. The caldera is one of the largest in the world. The routes offer challenging hikes along gorges, waterfalls and caves.
December - March is the best time to hike.
Mulanje Mountain Malawi is a huge granite massif in southern Malawi. Its highest peak Sapitwa reaches just over 3000m. There are plenty of routes to choose from with simple huts at the end of each one. This is a wonderful hike for families, with lots of streams and peaks to explore. The best time to climb Mulanje is between May and October.

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