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Hunting Safaris in Africa

Hunting safaris are very popular in Africa because you can hunt the "Big Five" and bring the trophy home. An African hunting safari is expensive though, but the money generated is often spent on increasing conservation efforts locally.

Hunting Safaris in South Africa

A hunting safari in South Africa is sure to be a thrilling experience. Whether you are interested in the Big Five or in Plains Game hunting, the experience and infrastructure to make your African Hunting Safari a memorable one is available. Hunting safaris are offered in the Limpopo Bushveld, the Lowveld, Eastern Free State, Kalahari and Eastern Cape. Both Rifle Hunting safaris and Bow Hunting Safaris are offered accompanied by experienced professional hunters. The professional hunters have more than 10 years of hunting experience.

Hunting Safaris in Namibia

Namibia is one of the most stable democracies in Africa with an abundance of wildlife,   small population and excellent infrastructure. Personal attention to every client is ensured, with a commitment to ensuring excellent quality trophies at all times.
Affordable hunting packages are offered. Activities for families are available to ensure a safari of a lifetime (for the hunter and non-hunter).

Botswana Hunting Safaris

Botswana offers you a wilderness exclusive for use by clients only. There are no human settlements, habitation or fences in this 350 000 hectares (855 000 acre) concession area, except for hunting and photographic camps. In 1999 the first 500km (315 miles) of hunting tracks were made to give access to this area and prior to that the human impact on this area were non-existent This exclusive concession area is leased long-term from the Botswana Government. Professional, qualified guides with intimate knowledge of the country and its wildlife will guide you through this true old African safari.

Hunting safaris in Zimbabwe – Zambezi Valley

For well over a century, the Zambezi Valley has been considered a Mecca for big game hunters. Early hunters like Selous explored this area in their quest for adventure. The ‘Valley’ with the Zambezi River as its northern border and the escarpment as its southern, is made up of a wide variety of contrasting habitats: large flood plains, thick Jesse bush, mopane forests and rolling hills. The ‘Valley’ is known for its classic big game including huge herds of elephant, and one of the highest concentrations of Cape buffalo in Africa. The remoteness of the Valley combined with the abundance of prey species and limited quota’s makes this an excellent area to hunt the great cats; lion and leopard. The numerous islands and marshes that abound along the Zambezi, also provides the opportunity to hunt Africa’s two aquatic species; hippo and crocodile.

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