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Cultural Tours in Africa

African culture is incredibly interesting because it is so diverse. Every African country is a mix of tribes each with their own unique language and culture. African culture covers arts, crafts, languages, tribes, religions, food and more which help make your African trip a richer experience.

Africa is a continent known solemnly for its rich colorful heritage, traditions and most importantly its huge numerous varieties of flora and fauna. Once you enter Africa you will greatly get fascinated with its fabulous and mind blowing cultural and traditional diversities and historical heritage of the place. This place is great for most pleasurable experiences and yet thrilling ones too.

Some African countries are home to some of the friendliest people you could hope to encounter. Their cultural richness endears them to tourists obsessed with African culture. Africa has kingdoms that present organized cultural heritage that give the continent an edge over other safari destinations in the world.

During the last few years, many cultural villages have been established to reflect the different cultures and traditions of Africans. The traditional lifestyle of the people is shown to the visitor in an environment that encourages him / her to be a part of it. From theatre to dance, opera to cabaret, fine art to craft art, classical music to jazz, poetry readings to lectures, every art form is represented in some main cities and large towns.

Cultural tourism is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the multibillion African international tourism industry, and is an area in which Africa is well-placed to compete. Africa has many professional and innovative museums, galleries and theatres that are key attractions for cultural tourists. Traditional and purpose built cultural villages are a popular choice for many tourists visiting Africa who are eager to explore the Africa's cultural diversity. At the same time, an increasing number of local African tourists want to learn more about the people.

Various innovative projects around the country offer insight into Africa's cultural wealth, ranging from traditional dances and rituals in rural areas, to excursions into the urban and township milieux that give South Africa its defining features.

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