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Planning A Charity Climb?

We can help If you are considering organizing a charity fundraising climb up Mt Kilimanjaro. Over the years, we has been helping several groups raise funds. These include Disabilities Without Boundaries, Cancer Research Groups, and the Red Cross.

How Do You Get Started?

First, identify the charity you would like to support. Then contact Good Earth Tours with details regarding your travel dates, and itinerary preferences. We will then take care of all your booking and tour arrangements.

Why Organize a Charity Climb?

  • Climbing up Kilimanjaro provides a personally rewarding experience of a lifetime for the participants.
  • It is a physically challenging and fun way to contribute to a worthy cause.
  • We offer expertly trained guides to make your trek up the mountain safe and successful.

For more information about the Kilimanjaro Charity Climb, email us through We look forward to hearing from you!




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