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South Africa - Safety Tips for Travel in Africa


In areas such as Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, North West and Northern Provinces, there is a high risk of malaria throughout the year. Although the summer months are the time when there is the greatest risk of infection. Here are a few precautions which should be taken to protect yourself are;
Close windows and doors at night wherever possible
Sleep under a mosquito net
Use mosquito repellent throughout the day and night on all exposed skin.
Burning mosquito coils, which are widely available, is a safe and effective way of deterring mosquitoes
Whenever possible cover up your skin with loose fitting clothing especially at dusk when the mosquitoes are at their most active.
Take medication to prevent malaria, which may have to be taken up to 4 weeks before you travel, but this is by no means foolproof, and all the above precautions should be taken as well.

Safety Tips

* Leave your cash, cards and travelers’ cheques in a hotel safe – check it is secure
* Do not accept or carry items for strangers.
* Consider taking your mobile with you or renting one whilst you’re away. Store useful numbers such as the local police and the nearest embassy or consulate
* Check with your service provider to make sure your phone works abroad
* Check beforehand that the areas you plan to visit are safe by asking hotel staff or police. In South Africa it is not advisable to use local commuter and metro trains as attacks on foreigners have occurred.
* Don’t openly display valuables such as mobile phones or digital cameras and consider using a padlock on suitcases or backpacks
* Don’t carry more money than you need for the day or evening
* If you need to carry a lot of cash, ask your partner or friend to carry some for you
* Keep a small amount of cash in your wallet and the rest in a secure money belt or inside pocket
* Be careful when taking photographs, videos or using binoculars. Such activities may be misunderstood, especially near military installations


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