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Bontebok National Park

The Bontebok National Park is situated in the foothills of the picturesque Langeberg Mountains, located in the region of Swellendam. The magnificent Langeberg Mountains serve as a romantic setting for the splashing of natural colors synonymous with the Cape's floral heritage. The simple yet wonderful beauty of this National Park (the smallest of South Africa's National Parks) and the Cape Floral Kingdom, a world heritage site - can be appreciated throughout the year. The park was proclaimed in 1931 to prevent the last few remaining Bontebok from following the footsteps of the Blue Antelope into extinction. There is a story behind the name of the park, one which reveals the importance of this park's role within nature conservation. The bontebok, after which the park is named, once numbered a meager seventeen, yet with careful attention to the problem, and a caring attitude, the world population has been lifted to some three thousand. In 1931 this park was proclaimed to host the last thirty of these bucks in the wild.

The number of Bontebok has risen from a seriously endangered 17 to over 200, which is the maximum number the 3 486 hectare park can support without inflicting serious damage to its various plant communities. Although the park can only support a limited amount of Bontebok, over the years its surplus stock has been disposed of to other nature reserves and private landowners with suitable habitat and the total world population now stands somewhere between 2000 – 3000.

Marking the western border of the Bontebok National Park, the ever popular Breede River provides the ideal setting for bird watching, fishing and swimming. Here it is possible to relax and enjoy the cool water between exploratory outings into the park. Options for exploring the park include several options in hiking routes or even mountain bike rides, allowing you to see more of the park in a single day. The Bontebok National Park provides a refuge for not only Bontebok, but also for other species such as Cape Mountain Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Grey Rhebok, Stanley's Bustard, Blue Crane and Secretary Bird. An increasingly popular part of visiting South African tourist destinations is to learn about local history. The Bontebok Park makes provision for this by providing an insight into the lives of the Khoisan community and the historical developments which have shaped the community. There are also hiking trails through the Langeberg Mountains, accessible from the nearby Marloth Nature Reserve.

How to Get There
The park is situated along the Breede River about 6km south of Swellendam and 220km from Cape Town. The last 5km of the access road as well as the internal roads are graveled. Swellengrebel Airport is close to the park and suitable for light aircraft only.

1. Caravan and tent camp sites are located close to the Breede River. Enjoy calm and relaxing days in this unique area.

2. Lang Elsie’s Kraal Rest Camp is set within the neighborhood of the Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa's Gorgeous Garden Route, with the majestic Langeberg Mountains as a captivating backdrop.

3. Chalets have majestic views of the Breede River valley and the Langeberg mountain range, which can be appreciated from the private sun-decks to the south and west sides of the units.



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