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Rwanda has untouchable wildlife treasures!! The Mountain gorillas move freely in the great jungles and mountains of the volcanoes national park and can now be observed up close in all their glory while on your Rwanda Safari.
The mighty Mountain gorillas are, by far, Rwanda's prime safari attraction but let's not forget the once volatile volcanoes which today lie peacefully dormant, or the abounding wildlife and birdlife that you will find in Nyungwe Forest and Akagera National Parks.

Rwanda is a new destination addition to the African safari circuit. Despite its tragic past, Rwanda is now opening its borders to international travelers wanting to discover new safari destinations. The mountain Gorillas in the virungas have made Rwanda shine. The genocide museum in Kigali is a must visit while in Rwanda.

Rwanda is a very captivating country. It was in Virunga volcanoes that the late Dian Fossey interacted and studied the behavior of the endangered mountain gorillas for 20 years, and then the filmmakers who shot Gorillas in the Mist in the same park.

Rwanda safaris are varied and may combine with Uganda safaris. However, short tours comprise a 3 days safari in Nyungwe, the largest montane forest in central Africa, where more than 13 primate species can be seen.Also 3 days Gorilla trek in Volcanoes national park can be organized. For a more rigorous and a long combined safari adventure, there is also a 12-day Uganda and Rwanda safari that stretches from Kampala in Uganda to Kigali in Rwanda.

This tour includes visiting the Dian Fossey graves, tracking the Golden monkeys, and visiting two gorilla parks, the first of which is the Bwindi National Park of Uganda, home to approximately 370 mountain gorillas and of course the volcanoes National park in Rwanda.

Join us for a Rwandan safari and discover a country that is embracing a bright new future after the horrors of the genocide and offering one of the most memorable wildlife encounters on earth. Book your Rwanda Safari today!!

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