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4 Days Hiking Safari in Namibia

Day 1: Airport Transfer
You will be collected from the Hosea Kutako International airport upon your arrival. Drive through Windhoek and head west, passing the small town of Omaruru, where you will have lunch. The afternoon will see us end up at the foot of the Hungorob valley.  During this time, be able to finally prepare and inspect your hiking equipment. Following the valley, start the ascent of the highest mountain in Namibia. Walk until last light, before choosing a campsite for the evening. Dinner will be made on an open fire, under the starry skies of Namibia.

Day 2: The Hike & The Bushmen Paintings
Have an early morning breakfast and the climbing will start as soon as possible. Following the valley as it slowly winds it way up to the top, you will have rest stops as required. Your first water stop will be at Springbok water. After filling the water bottles and having a look at the Bushmen paintings present there, head higher into the mountain.  The trail now hugs the South side of the valley as we steadily climb. Lunch will be had as soon as you enter the plateau. After lunch, have a more leisurely walk to the camp for the night. At "Wasserfall rock", fill up the water bottles again while viewing more Bushmen paintings.

Day 3: Namibia's Highest Point, Views of Spitskoppe & Erongo Mountains
After breakfast, follow the valley until we can see the highest point in Namibia, Konigstein. At around 11:00, you will be on top of the highest point in Namibia. You can then sign the book that is kept there to have proof that you were there. The view from the top is stunning to say the least. The Spitskoppe and Erongo mountain ranges can be seen.  The plains stretching out below you are never ending.  After all of this has been memorized, head back down again. After spending some time on the summit, start the decent to Snake Rock. After a rest break, continue the descent in all earnest. Head out to the "Stone Circle" camp, which will be your base for the evening. Around a campfire, the day will be discussed in minute detail, as you take some coffee/tea.

Day 4: Hike Down to Hungorob Gorge, Airport Transfer
Head down the Hungorob Gorge to your vehicle. It will take you about 3 hours to complete the last leg of the journey.  After resting a bit, hit the road again, and it will be a strange feeling to drive in a vehicle again.  Return to the International Airport to find your departure flight back home.

End of the safari

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