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There are several tours and safaris to Namibia that will enable you discover Sossusvlei the country's premier attractions. In these areas, rare and endangered species of animals, birds and plant life are preserved and protected. Most of the African game species are well represented in Namibia, with the largest concentration in the Etosha National Park. Wilderness and modern amenities co-exist happily in this land of vivid contrasts.

Namibia Safari Offers

Namibia Safaris

3 Days Sossusvlei Safari
This is a 3 day Namibia Safari taking you for a tour of Sossusvlei, one of the wonder places in Africa. This trip gives you a short overview of the world's highest dunes at Sesriem & Sossusvlei, in the oldest desert on earth, the Namib......
3 Days Sossusvlei Ancient Dunes
This is a 3 day safari to Sossusvlei national park, situated in the Namib Naukluft National Park in Namibia, a premier destination boasting some of the highest dunes in the world. Marvel at the ancient dunes with their varying colours and razor sharp peaks and slopes, one of the best adventure for those interested in sightseeing and phoography.
4 Days Namibia Flying Safari
This is a 4 days Namibia Flying Safari. This Flying Safari offers an excellent way to experience Namibia. Once in the air, you can get a whole new view of Namibia's prime destinations. This trip offers unparalleled opportunities for excellent photography, and are also the best way to fit in the vast spaces of Namibia into a shorter time..
4 Days Hiking Safari in Namibia
4 day hiking adventure journey in Namibia offering a better way to explore Namibia on foot. Hike to the highest point in Namibia, see the bushmen paintings, and have Views of Spitskoppe & Erongo Mountains .....
7 Days Southern Namibia Safari
This is a 7 Day Southern Swing Adventure Safari taking you for an adventure in the southern areas of Namibia including; Sossusvlei, the Namib Desert, Lüderitz and the Fish River Canyon. This tour offers an excellent cross-section of southern Namibia and can be combined with its Northern Namibia Safari counterpart, allowing a more comprehensive experience to most of Namibia's traditional highlights......
7 Days Camping in Namibia
This is a 7 Days Camping Safari in Namibia, one of the best adventures to enjoy the wild of Namibia. This tour is designed to give a short, but comprehensive safari around the main highlights of Namibia; Fish River Canyons, one of the most impressive natural beauties in the southern part of Namibia......
8 Days Namibia Flying Safari
8 day flying safari is operated in luxury aircraft with passengers also having headphones- and microphones for communication whilst in the air. The pilot / guide host the passengers on their excursions at some of the finest lodges in Namibia. While on this safari you will visit the Etosha National Park, Kaokoland, Damaraland, and the Namib Desert.....
15 Days Namibia Safari Adventure
On this adventure trip in Namibia, visit all the prime spots in Namibia. Tour Etosha National Park, well known for its large herds of plains game as well as predators, especially the Lion prides. This Namibia safari is the best adventure for those interested in and photograph African animals.. . ...

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Planning for a holiday in Namibia? Below is a summary of useful informationSossusvlei Namib Desert that will guide you through planning your safari in Namibia :

  • The About Namibia section tells you about the different ways to get there and to get around Namibia, its location, geography, climate and weather, people and culture, topography, economy etc.
  • Featured in the Namibia Travel Advice section are travel requirements for visitors to Namibia such as Visas and Passports, the different rules and guidelines on how to obtain a visa, safety and security tips, healthy tips, langugages used in Namibia, tips on currency, etc

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