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Duwisib Castle

It is located south-west of Maltahohe and can be reached by taking road D826 from Sesriem to Helmeringhausen. The castle was bought by the state in 70s, restored in 1991 and proclaimed National Monument. There is a coffee shop and camping sites available.


The castle was built in 1908 by Hans Henrich von Wolf, member of Saxon noble family and captain in Schutztruppe. He was born in Dresden in 1873 and joined military service following his father's footsteps. In Duwisib Castle 1904 he was sent to German South West Africa. After the end of Nama-Herero uprising in 1907 baron von Wolf returned back to Germany and married Jayta Hemphries. They decided to settle in South West Africa and bought eight farms in the Maltahohe area.

Well known architect Willi Sander was hired next year to design a building and construction commenced in 1908. Most materials were imported from Germany and stonemasons were hired from Italy, Sweden and Ireland. The only local material was a building stone mined from small quarry some 3 kilometres from construction site.

Baron von Wolf returned to Germany in 1914 and was killed in 1916 during First World War in France. His wife never returned to South West Africa. In 1937 farm was bought by Duwisib Pty Ltd. There is one interesting theory about wild horses of the Namib that they are descendants of baron von Wolf's stud.


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