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Namibia is a country of compelling beauty, abundant sunshine, and a feeling ofNamibia Map unconfined space. With its unspoilt landscapes and large variety of game, Namibia is one of the best travel destinations in Africa: over the past years, this country has drawn an increasing number of visitors from various parts of the globe interested in taking adventure safaris in Nambia. On a Safari in Namibia, a sense of freedom is generated by the wide horizons, the clear unpolluted skies and a population density which is among the lowest in the world. This feeling of tranquillity and stillness combines with a landscape which is singular in its colours, full of contrasts of light and shade. In addition, the diversity of its people creates a rich blend of cultures and traditions. The population is composed of several different ethnic groups, including the San, the Khoi-Khoi, the Herero, and the Ovambo as well as the small European population, largely Germans and Afrikaners. It gets quite hot between December to February, but because of its high altitude, humidity is low and nights are pleasantly cooled by a light breeze.

Namibia Safaris

We have several tours and safaris to Namibia ,that will enable you discover this beautiful country, the first country in the world to include protection of the environment and sustainable utilisation of wildlife in its constitution. About 15,5% of the country has been set aside as National Parks. In these areas, rare and endangered species of animals, birds and plant life are preserved and protected. Most of the African game species are well represented in Namibia, with the largest concentration in the Etosha National Park. Wilderness and modern amenities co-exist happily in this land of vivid contrasts.


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Planning for a holiday in Namibia? Below is a summary of useful information that will guide you through planning your safari in Namibia :

  • The About Namibia section tellsSossusvlei Namib Desert you about the different ways to get there and to get around Namibia, its location, geography, climate and weather, people and culture, topography, economy etc.
  • Featured in the Namibia Travel Advice section are travel requirements for visitors to Namibia such as Visas and Passports, the different rules and guidelines on how to obtain a visa, safety and security tips, healthy tips, langugages used in Namibia, tips on currency, etc

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