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10 days Bazaruto Archipelago Safari

Day 1
Arrive at Vilanculos Airport and be transferred by yachts. Head for the Bazaruto Archipelago. You will carry out snorkeling at reef, fishing, and walks on the island. Overnight at Bazaruto Lodge

Days 2 & 3
After breakfast, snorkel along side the coral reefs. You will carry out game fishing, swimming and walking at the beach. Have lunch cruise with picnic basket on beach, swim, and relax. Take a tour to the crocodile infested lake on the island. Visit reef later on. Overnight at Bazaruto Lodge

Days 4 & 5
Have breakfast and later swim and walk on the beach. Depart for St. Carolina Island. On arrival, you will enjoy game fishing while underway. Snorkel alongside the coral reefs surrounding the island & eat oysters off the rocks. You will explore St Carolina and the majestic ruins on the island.

Days 6 & 7
Depart St Carolina Island after breakfast to Bengurra Island. Have lunch at Benguerra, with picnic basket on beach, swim and relax. Visit two mile reef later on. On the following day, take a guided tour to the Island and view its history as well as the crocodile infested lake hidden in the center of the island. Overnight at Benguerra Lodge

Day 8
Depart to Margaruqueq Island and snorkel at reef. You will also carry out fishing, and walks on the island. Overnight Margarueq Island

Day 9
Depart for deathmans sand bank. Stop over and swim at the tiny islet. Overnight anchorage at Vilanculos, go for drinks at one of the local bars on the mainland.

Day 10
Have breakfast and later swim. Take trip to mainland for souvenirs and fly out


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