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Bazaruto Archipelago

Bazaruto Archipelago consists of four main islands: Bazaruto Island, Benguerra Island, Magaruque Island and Santa Carolina Island. The islands are covered by large sand dunes and freshwater lakes, which are nesting grounds for beautiful black-winged flamingoes. The islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago are not for those whose idea of a holiday is shopping - as there are no shops - just crystal white beaches which squeak beneath your feet and convince you every time that yours are the first footprints they have ever experienced. Just offshore, in warm waist deep waters, one floats amidst coral gardens of infinite beauty and colour, examining and being examined by shoals of fish that move amongst the corals like clouds of living jewels.

Declared a National Park in 1971, the Archipelago boasts among its wildlife, 180 species of birds, endemic butterflies, suni antelope and freshwater crocodiles. The protected reefs and beaches support dolphin, dugong, gamefish, giant lobster and several species of marine turtle. The three larger islands were part of an extensive sand-pit peninsula, once attached to the mainland, but since separated as the continent dipped into the Indian Ocean over millions of years. Only Santa Carolina is a true Rock Island and is consequently surrounded by deeper water than the other three.

All of the islands support populations of traditional fisherman and their families, many of whom are not permanent residents and may migrate between the Archipelago and the mainland in their pursuit of good fishing waters. Magaruque and Santa Carolina Islands are closest to the mainland, with Magaruque 10 km due east of Vilankulo town, and Santa Carolina a similar distance from the coast. Benguerra and Bazaruto are due north of Magaruque, with Bazaruto 30 kilometers (19 miles) due east of Inhassoro. The eastern seaboard of the islands (apart from Santa Carolina) faces onto deep waters of the restless Mozambique Channel, rich in game fish.


1. Azura boutique Hotel is located on Benguerra Island in the stunning Bazaruto Archipelago.

2. Benguerra Lodge is an intimate lodge with a Moroccan feel in the Bazaruto Archipelago. The lodge is located on a beautiful stretch of pristine beach and is sheltered by indigenous forests.

3. Marlin Lodge is located on one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, Benguerra Island.

4. Indigo Bay Island Resort is an exquisite island resort, situated on the pristine Bazaruto Island, the largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

5. Pestana Bazaruto Lodge in Mozambique is located in a stunning bay on the north side of the Bazaruto Island, approximately 600 km to the north of Maputo.


















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