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Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve

The Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve as the name suggests is a marshland, which attracts much tourist attention. This wonderful reserve in north Malawi whose extent is 986 sq. kilometers houses a striking variety of birds and animals. The tract of land is normally flat providing a relief from the highlands of the plateau region. It is covered with dense vegetation consisting of mopane and miombo trees. Road condition is poor especially during the rainy season when tourists cannot visit the place on foot.

There are two camp spots in the Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve in Malawi and both of them lie beside the Lake Kazuni. Animals in the game reserve migrate to and from Zambia's game reserve therefore leading to a variation in the number of animals. The wildlife here includes elephant, kudu, zebra, hippopotamus, klipspringer etc. The best season to witness them is between November and April. Game viewing is also a lot of fun and another activity that interests the visitors. The best season to view game is during the dry season.

The Lake Kazuni region is particularly very beautiful. The lake region within the Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve of Malawi is home to a number of elephants and hippopotamuses. There are tracks around the lake walking along which provides a spectacular view of the marsh region. However roaming around this region is only possible in the presence of a game ranger. This region is the only one for waders. Since the Malawi Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve stores a lot of adventure it is the ideal venue for the backpackers. Visiting the Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve is lot of fun and visitors should be careful to take certain precautionary measures. This is a malaria prone region. To protect oneself from the mosquitoes, one can wear full-sleeved attire and use an effective mosquito repellant. Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve is rarely visited by many, largely due to poor road conditions and difficult terrain and inaccessibility.

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