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Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi

Majete Wildlife Reserve was proclaimed in 1955 and is situated in the Lower Shire Valley; a section of Africa's Great Rift Valley covering a total area of 700 sq km. Vegetation is diverse, ranging from moist miombo woodland in the western hills, to dry savannah in the east with prominent thickets along the riverbanks. Majete Wildlife Reserve is off the main road, 70 miles south of Blantyre, in the Lower Shire Valley. Majete has been under new Management since 2003 and in a few years the park has changed a great deal. Many animal translocations have taken place and with 7 black rhinoceroses, 228 elephants, over 450 buffalo and many waterbuck, sable antelope, nyala, zebra, Liechtenstein’s hartebeests, kudu, and many more species. Currently over 4000 animals are roaming the 70 000 ha Reserve, making Majete Wildlife Reserve a unique well-balanced eco museum.

Since 2008, the whole reserve has been surrounded by an electrified perimeter fence. And before 2012, the big cats will be introduced, starting with cheetahs and then lions and leopards will be back in Majete Wildlife Reserve. The animals have been picked, the funding secured, the enhanced anti-poaching completed and the wheels set in motion to welcome elephants back to Majete in July 2006. It has been confirmed that two very kind and generous donors have decided to give a gift to Majete Wildlife Reserve in the form of 5 female rhinos to add to our current two males. This is incredibly exciting as it means our herd will hopefully finally be able to breed, and increases the number of black rhino in all of Malawi twice over. The rhinos will most probably come from African Parks’ flagship park Marakele in South Africa, but all details are yet to be confirmed.

Majete Wildlife Reserve is preparing itself for the eventual reintroduction of further zebra and hartebeest and also the climactic arrival of cheetah and lion. Again, any details are as yet unknown but it’s hoped that by the time the perimeter fence is fully erect (by 2008), visitors may experience the pure excitement of seeing large cats roam the rocky outcrops and sporadic savannah of Majete. The Kapichira Falls offer one of the most astounding views in Malawi, with water crashing over rock formations formed thousands of years ago. Beautiful sedimentary and metamorphic patterns can be found in the architecture of the rock.


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2. Camping at the Majete Community Campsite

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