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Lake Malawi

A unique tourist spot in Malawi is the Lake Malawi Marine Park. In spite of the landlocked location of Malawi, Lake Malawi is an interesting and beautiful place to visit. Malawi Lake Marine Park has been declared as one of the world heritage sites. Lake Marine Park of Malawi with its glamour and splendor has almost attained a position of an inland sea surrounded with beaches and resorts. Over 1000 species of tropical fish are found in this lake. Some of them belong to the category of rare species on the verge of extinction. This inland sea preserves those fish.

This lake is Africa's third largest and is considered to be one of the biological wonders. Apart from fish the Lake Malawi Marine Park also forms a great heavenly abode for birds and other plants and animals. The place looks very colorful with so many varieties of plants and animals existing at the same place. Lake Marine Park in Malawi seems to be one of the best hangouts for the tourists. Lake Malawi Marine Park makes a great place for water sports. Various types of sports activities are practiced here. Water sports like scuba diving, sailing, water skiing and snorkeling are practiced here. People take a lot of interest in indulging themselves in these sports and derive immense pleasure out of it.

Scuba diving in Lake Malawi Marine Park is a lifetime experience, which one will cherish forever. The water in the sea is 700m deep but scuba diving is done up to 20m beyond which it is tough to see any kind of marine life. One is surprised by the rich variety of colorful fish found in the deep waters. One of the basic reasons for scuba diving in this lake is that no other lake in Malawi can provide so much variation of marine life.

1. Pumulani is an exclusive beach lodge on the protected shores of Lake Malawi.

2. Club Makokola is situated on the palm-fringed southern shore of Lake Malawi.

3. Kaya Mawa Lodge uses the stunning natural surroundings of beach, rock, island and lake to create a lodge of unique character, imagination and very special ambience.


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