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For some of the most spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and the lake, head up this steep escarpment to visit the old Scottish missionary station. There is a small hotel, a museum and the 60 meter high Manchewe Waterfalls with caves hidden behind it. This village can only be reached with a sturdy vehicle that can navigate the 22 hairpin bends and a stony dirt road. Senga Bay. Another popular village situated on the lake's shore and east of Lilongwe, offers day trips to the nearby Lizard Island with its population of monitors (huge lizards) and other water-sports.


Although it is not the capital, it is by far the biggest town in Malawi with a population of nearly half a million people. It is named after the famous explorer, Dr. Livingstone's birthplace in Scotland and is a located in the beautiful southern part of the country providing easy access to surrounding attractions like Zomba Plateau, the Mulanje Mountains and Lengwe National Park. The buildings worth visiting in the town include the National Museum, the All Angels Church and St. Michael's Church.


This pretty, tree-filled capital of Malawi is often just a stopover point for visitors to replenish food stock before heading into the countryside. There is a market near the post-office with a variety of exquisite woodcarvings and other curios.

Cape Maclear

The quiet beautiful Malawi beach resort can be reached via a rough road from Monkey Bay. It is a good base for hiking, diving (be aware of bilharzia) amongst many colourful fish, visiting nearby islands and the Lake Malawi National Park. It is advised to bring one's own food supplies.

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