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Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya is the country's highest mountain and second highest in Africa. Sitting astride the equator its icy summit reaches to 5199 meters (17,058 feet). The entire mountain above the 3200-meter contour forms a national park. In fact, Mount Kenya consists of three principal zones: the rocky peak area, which is actually an eroded volcanic plug, with its mantle of glaciers and snowfields; the alpine zone with its distinctive giant vegetation; and the vast gentle lower slopes drenched in mountain forest and bamboo jungle. It is no wonder that awed farmers at its foothills considered this remote majestic wonderland as God's domain. The mountain has two main peaks - Batian (5200m) and Nelion (5188m). The mountains slopes are cloaked in forest, bamboo, scrub and moorland giving way on the high central peaks to rock, ice and snow. Mt. Kenya is an important water catchment area, supplying the Tana and Northern Ewaso Ngiro systems. Surrounding the park is Mount Kenya National Reserve with an area of approximately 2095 km2. In fact the majority of visitors go to the mountain to enjoy the walking and especially the high level hut-to- hut hike round the mountain with its humbling vistas. Wildlife within the forests below the park boundary includes elephant, buffalo, lion, several species of antelope including the rare bongo and occasionally the melanistic forms of both the leopard and the serval cat.

*Rutundu Fishes Lodge
*Judmare Hut
* Batian Guest House
* Austrian Hut
*Mountain Lodge
*Sirimon bandas
*Shiptons Hut

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