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The number of hotels in Africa has grown enormously in recent years and wherever you travel and whatever your budget you will seldom have a problem finding suitable accommodation. Most countries have a good variety of moderately priced and budget hotels and even the smallest towns will usually have somewhere you can stay for a couple of dollars. Accommodation in Africa offers you a selection of the very best luxury wildlife & game lodges, African holiday resorts & accommodation in superior and first-class hotels plus excellent guest houses in sub-Sahara Africa. Accommodation in Africa is placed in four categories including; luxury or upmarket, moderate or mid range, budget and camping.

Luxury or upmarket
This category embraces all hotels, lodges and resorts that cater primarily to the international leisure or business traveler and would probably be accorded a two to four star ranking internationally. This is the category to look at if cost is not a major consideration and you require hotel accommodation that of a standard you would expect at home.

Moderate or mid range
This embraces those hotels which for one or other reason could not truly be classified as upmarket but are also expensive or of a sufficiently high standard that they cannot be considered budget lodgings. It embraces decent hotels or lodges in recognized tourist areas that charge considerably lower rates than their luxury competitors but are clearly a notch or two above the budget category. This is the category to look at if you are traveling on a limited but not a low budget and expect a reasonably high but not luxurious standard of accommodation.

The hotels in this category are generally aimed at the local market and they definitely don’t approach international standards but they will usually be reasonably clean and comfortable and a definite cut above the basic guest houses that proliferate in most towns. This is the category to look at if you are on a limited budget but want to avoid total squalor.

There has been a number of great increase in the number of organized campsites in recent years and there are now very few established tourist centres where you can’t pitch a tent in a guarded site with good facilities.

On safaris in different African Countries, the accommodation included in your trip itinererary makes it a Budget, Luaxury or Mid Range Travel Package.

Accommodation in South Africa

From country hotels to city boutiques; from luxury tents to penthouses; from bed & breakfasts to holiday resorts, South Africa has quality accommodation that will suite your style. Because we pride ourselves in offering accommodation that has quality, service and value, our listed venues are vetted by our staff before being included in the travel packages.

Popular Destinations

Accommodation Listing for South Africa
On the following links click for a full listing of accommodation options in South Africa's major destinations;
Kruger National Park. Pilansberg, Eastern Cape . KwaZulu Natal Wildlife Reserves

Accommodation in Uganda

Uganda has many hotels and lodges that offer accommodation to both budget and luxury travelers. Apart from hotels and lodes, many furnished and unfurnished apartments, guest houses and other accommodation establishments that offer excellent accommodation are available in Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe and even in some remote areas in Uganda.

Book Africa Hotels

At Africa Tours and Safaris, we work hand in hand with The Uganda Hotel Booking Agents (, specialists in making hotel reservations for travelers wishing to stay in Uganda. Check their website for full listings of different Uganda hotels.

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