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The Okavango is a maze of lagoons, lakes and hidden channels covering an area of over 17,000 square km and the largest inland delta in the world. Trapped in the parched Kalahari sands, it is a magnet for the wildlife that depends on the permanent waters of this unique feature. These link a succession of lagoons, islands and islets of various sizes, open grasslands and flooded plains in a mosaic of land and water. Palms and towering trees abound, throwing their shade over crystal pools, forest glades and grassy knolls. The Okavango's water is remarkably clean and pure and this is almost certainly due to the fact that it passes through very sparsely populated areas on its journey from Angola. Despite this, a staggering 660 000 tons of sediment a year are delivered to its great alluvial fan.

The overall length of the Delta from the border to the Thamalakane River is a little under 300kms and so the core of the Delta is approximately 200km from end to end. In the lush indigenous forests of the delta and its islands, and along the floodplains spawned by this great marriage of water and sand, more than 400 species of birds flourish. On the mainland and among the islands in the delta, lions, elephants, hyenas, wild dog, buffalo, hippo and crocodiles congregate with a teeming variety of antelope and other smaller animals - warthog, mongoose, spotted genets, monkeys, bush babies and tree squirrels. Although fishing can take place anywhere in the Delta, if one wants it 'big, mean and fierce', the deeper and faster waters of the major fishing camps in the north of the Delta, in the Panhandle, are probably a better area. One can carry out fishing, bird watching, game viewing, photography or simple relaxation at the Okavango delta.

1. Vumbura Plains is accessed by air into Vumbura airstrip and situated at the Okavango Delta, north side, borders the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, in a private concession

2. Camp Okavango is located at Nxarahga Island, Okavango Delta and you have to fly in to get there.

3. Chitabe Camp is located in a private reserve South-eastern Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve borders the north and east. By air into Chitabe airstrip, you can reach the camp

4. Abu Camp is accessed by air into Abu Camp airfield and is located on the western side of the Okavango Delta in a private concession area

5. Xugana Island Lodge is located at Okavango Delta, Xugana Lagoo and has 16 thatched lagoon facing chalets. You can reach the lodge by flights.

6. Jacana Camp is located to the north east of Jao Camp, in Jao Reserve outside the Moremi Game Reserve. By air into Jao airstrip, you can access the camp.

7. Jao Camp is positioned to the west of Mombo in the Jao Reserve, bordering the Moremi Game Reserve and one can get there bu air into Jao Airfield.






















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