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Khama Rhino Sanctuary is covering about 4,300 hectares of Kalahari Sandveld, including several natural waterholes, the Sanctuary provides prime habitat for white and black rhino as well as over 30 other species of animals and over 230 species of birds. It is located on the Serowe - Orapa road and peacefully situated camp sites, as well as its excellent wildlife, make the KRS a popular destination for tourists on their way to the Game Reserves in the north of Botswana. Despite being one of the smaller Reserves in Botswana the KRS is nevertheless a good wildlife destination in its own right. Currently there are over 30 white rhino have been translocated into the Sanctuary and also 2 endangered black Rhino. Apart from being the best place in Botswana to see Rhino in the wild it also has numerous other animals which are commonly seen such as Blue Wildebeest, Burchell's Zebra, Eland, Gemsbok, Springbok and Giraffe and these animals are commonly seen. Burchell's Zebra As well as these animals that have been reintroduced the KRS also has many species that were resident in the area and these have flourished since the Sanctuary was established such as Kudu, Steenbok and Common Duiker as well as many of the smaller mammals.

Night drives in the reserve give you an opportunity to see some of the shy, nocturnal animals that would otherwise go unseen - in the past these have produced sightings of Leopard, Brown Hyena, Caracal, Aardvark and Aardwolf. In recent years a number of animals have been seen passing through including Cheetah, African Wild Dog and even a lone Elephant.

1. Mokongwa Camp is situated to the South of the Sanctuary, in a grove of Mokongwa trees, and only a short drive from Serwe Pan.  

2. Boma Camp is positioned on the edge of Serwe Pan.  The Camp has 3 squaredavels and an A-frame chalet.

*The Khama Rhino Sanctuary is on the main tarred road between Serowe and Orapa approximately 25km from Serowe.

*From Serowe: Turn off north to Orapa as you come into the village from Palapye or opposite the Serowe main Mall. The Sanctuary is on the left hand side of the road approximately 5km beyond the village of Paje.

*From Orapa: Follow the road south for about 180km and the Sanctuary is on your right.


























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