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About Us

Abacus Vacations is a homegrown safari tour agency and now a pioneer in South Africa with 15 years of field experience. We take much pride in organizing:

- Safari trips, wildlife safaris, Bird watching, game viewing, mountaineering, golfing, cultural tours, wildlife visits, birding tours, hiking outings, nature tours, and other adventure trips.

  • What We Provide

    Abacus Vacations is fully registered, accredited and licensed in Uganda, Kampala (SA) with an ultimate target of offering unforgettable and pleasant experiences to the customers. We have big bandwidth to handle the team right from 50 people to family, small groups, and guiding the solo travelers. Abacus Vacations acts with unbiased commitment for the best to be given to the customers those who walked-in Abacus Vacations.

    By endeavoring to make anyone’s safari or the trip to be the best, we never bother to take the risk of crossing that extra mile. Abacus Vacations is ready to take that stride just for the sake of you – our customers – the most valued and trustworthy clients. We assure you that opting us for your tour and trip thirst to be quenched in an utmost horizon level.

  • Why Abacus Vacations

    For a guaranteed and ultimate safari tour experience, Abacus Vacations has its very own tourism & travel professionalteam who works very dedicatedly. With combined experience of tourism and its various segments, we are ready now to extend our services for our clients are felt completed with excellent comments. Our team is housed with well trained, professionally qualified tour guides with broad specialties, multi-language skill, and educated with safety measures even.

  • Our Vision & Mission

    Abacus Vacations’ commitment, professionalism and expertise to be ranked as the leading and most demanding safari tour agency among the rest of the competitors.

  • Why Our Tours
    • Our tours are guided by qualified and experienced driver-guides
    • We have first-class touring vehicles for all our safaris
    • We have customized tour itineraries
    • ‘off-the-beaten-path’ touring
  • Our Tour Trips suits:
    • Lone Travelers
    • Couples & Family Trips
    • Small groups
    • Senior Travelers
    • VIPs
    • Accompanying Persons
    • Visitors with Special Interests
    • Incentive Groups

    In addition, Abacus Vacations also provide any iteration of customized safari trips and tours from Cape to Cairo. Click here to reach us for free and accurate travel & safari information.

  • Need More info?

    Would you like to learn more about our adventures and other services? Do you have a question about a particular destination? Our travel agents are happy to take your email, phone call or fax enquiry request.

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