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Kruger National Park - Nyalaland Wilderness Trail

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The Nyalaland Trail winds through one of the prime wilderness areas of southern Africa. The trail camp is situated on the bank of the Madzaringwe Stream north of Punda Maria, near the Luvuvhu River. The magnificent Lanner Gorge and other vantage points offer splendid views of the South African bushveld. The area is known for its fever tree and boabab forests, prolific birdlife and spectacular views. The beauty of this wild area more than makes up for its lack of big game. Another interesting feature of the trail is the recently discovered fossil sites.
Nyalaland Trail closed between 15 December 2004 and 15 January 2005 


In keeping with the wilderness atmosphere, sites for the trail camps are carefully selected for their scenic beauty and diverse plant and animal life. Groups spend three nights in four rustic two-bed huts. Ablution facilities comprise reed-walled showers and flush toilets. A covered lapa serves as a dining/socialising area where the campfire's flickering shadows encourage stories of adventures in the African bush. Simple, wholesome meals are provided.

Tips and Hints:

A maximum of eight persons between the ages of 12 and 60 years may participate per trail. To derive the optimum benefit and enjoyment from a trail adventure, it is recommended that a group comprises persons of a similar age, with common interests and the same level of fitness.

A reasonable level of fitness is required as up to 20 km may be walked per day. The distance is covered at a leisurely pace, however, to afford trailists an intimate encounter with the wilderness. Due to the terrain covered and the safety factor, handicapped persons should not participate in these trails.

All participants have to complete an indemnity form before embarking on a trail. Minors must be in possession of a form signed by a parent or legal guardian. These forms should be handed to the trail ranger before departing on the trail.

The general rules and regulations of the Kruger National Park also apply to trailists.

Trailists depend on the trail ranger for their safety and for guidance. The trail ranger should therefore be obeyed at all times. Failure to co-operate in this respect could lead to the immediate cancellation of the trail.

For safety and ethical reasons liquor may be consumed at the trail camp only. Excessive consumption of liquor is strongly discouraged.

Trailists provide their own liquor and soft drinks.

Limited space is available in a communal refrigerator.


Clothing should be comfortable and durable. Neutral colours such as khaki are preferable. Light-coloured garments such as whites and creams should be avoided. T-shirts are not recommended as they provide little protection against the sun on the neck. A hat and an all-weather jacket should be taken along. A tracksuit, either woollen or lightweight depending on the season, is a useful garment.

Footwear should be worn-in prior to the trail, have thick soles and provide good ankle support. It is preferable not to wear white shoes.


A camera, binoculars, sunscreen lotion and reference books are optional. A powerful torch is essential.

Trailists have to provide their own transport to the restcamp from where they will be transported to the trail camp. 


Inclusions and Exclusions:

Nyalaland Trail closed between 15 December 2004 and 15 January 2005


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