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If you've evener dreamed of endless skies, soul-stirring vistas,adventurous Wild cat wild game drives or maybe even discovering a piece of yourself where mankind began, you've come to the right place. Africa is one of the most interesting places with several unique attractions that one must see before he or she dies!

Africa Tours and Safaris, your Africa Travel Experts is a dedicated team of Africa enthusiasts who have been planning highly personalized, quality safaris in Africa for more than 20 years. Together, we will develop a customized itinerary that is right for you and your price range. We love Africa, and we would love to help you make your dream of traveling there a reality.

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Mr. Robert Begumisa, who footed a list of places and explored untraveled destinations worldwide leads co name enormously. With more than a couple of decades experience in touring and trips, he steers the company as one of the biggest safari trips in Uganda, Kampala.

He states that, “Personalized and customized services are our strongest points to meet the needles of clients’ satisfaction. We focus our attention towards the details, alacrity in handling queries, listening to the clients’ needs to ensure for a good rapport with long-term relationship with the clients. Furthermore we would like to earn the reputation as the best which is most important of all than that of the brand name”.

Safaris in Africa

Our range of Africa safaris has been selected from the best Africa has to offer. Having wide selection s safari trips and tours, we include Scheduled Trips and Special Interest Safaris that include but not just limited to gorilla trekking safaris, bird watching trips, camping safaris in game reserves and national parks, beach holidays along the Coast etc.

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description-image Safari Packages By Country : Most Popular trips in Africa: Kenya Safaris, Botswana Safaris, Tanzania Tours, Safaris in Namibia, Egypt Tours, Uganda Safaris, Rwanda Safaris... Safaris By Activity : Most Popular: Game Viewing Tours, Bird Watching Tours, Camping Safaris, Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Mountaineering Tours

If none of the above safari trips suits your interests, you can inquire for a tailormade African safari. Our Experts are waiting to handle all your requests and guide you through planning your dream holiday in Africa.

Safari Planning

On this website, there are several sections with useful information that will guide you through planning your safari in Africa

The Travel In Africa section tells you about the different ways to get here and to get around Africa. From cheap Africa flights to information on travel within African countries, it's covered here.

Under travel guide section, you find information regarding the different rules and guidelines on how to obtain a visa for any African Country, where and how to get them, what you can and can't do with a visitor visa etc.

The section about Holiday in Africa has more information how you can enjoy your holiday in Africa with classified information on what to wear, your parking list for an African Safari, where to stay, choosing the best accommodation etc.

Destinations Section features best destinations and safari places in Africa. These include Cultural and Historical Sites , Top African tourist attractions, national parks and game reserves. Looking for information on What to Do while in africa ? This section also features the different holiday activities that you can take in Africa.

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